Coatings Collect & Return Instructions

Coatings Collect & Return Instructions

How our service to provide Zircotec and Performance 1 ceramic coatings works

FastFox Performance offers a service to collect your vehicle parts and have them ceramic coated by world leaders in the field, Zircotec and Performance 1. The range of ceramic coatings offered by FastFox in partnership with these companies have been proven to deliver long-lasting protection from corrosion as well as providing significant surface heat reductions and offers a choice of attractive colour options.

When you purchase a ceramic coating from FastFox Performance you don’t even have to worry about sending us your parts. We arrange with you by telephone to have our couriers collect them. All you have to do is remove the parts from your vehicle, package them up and we will call to arrange the rest.

  • To make the service as efficient as possible we require a Daytime telephone number to enable us to contact you to arrange a day and approximate time to collect your parts for coating.

  • We strongly recommend removing the parts from your vehicle BEFORE purchasing the coating. This will help to prevent couriers being turned away when parts are not ready for collection.

  • Where FastFox has to arrange for a courier to return a second time to collect customer’s parts there will be a £8 fee levied to cover the cost of the return visit.

  • Do not forget to place a copy of your order inside the packaging with your parts for coating. This will help prevent long delays in identifying the customer order
  • To download these instructions as a pdf file that you can easily print click on this link


 Please follow the instructions below to help us provide you with the best service we possibly can.


    1. It is important to remember that the FastFox ceramic coatings service in partnership with Zircotec is for your own, existing car or motorcycle parts. FastFox does not supply a new part for your vehicle with the coating service.

    2. You must remove the part(s) you wish to have ceramic coated from your vehicle

    3. Purchase the ceramic coating from the Zircotec or Performance 1 Coatings section of the website making sure you complete the delivery/collection address if it is different from your standard address.

    4. In most circumstances we can only deliver back to the address we have collected from so please make sure you have chosen the most convenient address for you.

    5. Print out a copy of your order confirmation email and place it with your parts to be coated inside packaging strong enough to prevent damage to the parts in transit to Zircotec or Performance 1’s factory.

    6. We recommend for your own peace of mind that you take a photo of your parts before packaging and shipment even if only with your mobile phone.

    7. We recommend using a cardboard box with internal filling wrapped around the parts to take up any free space and prevent the parts moving around in the packaging. The filling can be old newspapers or similar. Tape the box up securely making sure you have placed a copy of your order inside.

    8. We will telephone you within 2 working days (not including weekends or UK bank holidays) to arrange the collection of the parts.

    9. Turn-around time for coating services is approximately 14 days from receipt of the goods at the Zircotec factory or 7 days from Performance 1 factory.