Heat Shields & Sleeves

Heat Shields & Sleeves

Heat management options to protect heat sensitive components from the effects of radiant heat including but not limited to fuel lines, fuel tanks, electrical wiring and bodywork.

Gold Foil Heatshield Gold Foil Heatshield
ZeroClearance ZeroClearance
Protective Thermal Sleeves Thermal Sleeves
Heat Shields ZircoFlex Heat Shields
Heat Reflective Tape Heat Reflective Tape
Turbo Blankets Turbo Blankets

Fast Fox offer heat management options to suit all thermal heat management needs and budgets. Choose from our self adhesive Gold Foil heatshield; a thin, ultra reflective barrier to radiant heat. This Gold Foil Heatshield thermal barrier is effective at temperatures of up to 357°C for periods of up to 8 hours and at a continuous 204°C. ZeroClearance, a thin flexible combined heatshield and acoustic damper helping prevent both noise and heat build-up, ZeroClearance is a popular choice in the NASCAR series in the US. Fast Fox offer heat resistant thermal sleeves that help protect pipes and cables from high temperatures. Thermal Sleeves available include aluminium coated fibreglass and Kevlar sleeves. Velcro joined versions eliminate the need to remove the pipes for fitment. The thermal sleeves are available in a variety of sizes to fit different thickness pipework and tubing.

Fast Fox carry the whole ZircoFlex heatshield range.ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material. It offers superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. Extremely thin and lightweight it is easily shaped and bent without damage. Available in three thicknesses providing progressively greater protection. Available as a self-adhesive option in each thickness. Originally developed for the motorsport market, Zircotec’s hybrid heatshield material, ZircoFlex® FORM is now widely available in four convenient sizes. This more rigid, stainless steel hybrid heatshield combines Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection together with the strength and ability to form structures such as heatshields, boxes and bulkheads.