ZircoFlex Form
ZircoFlex® FORM

ZircoFlex® FORM

ZircoFlex® FORM
ZircoFlex® FORM
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It is now possible to create ultra-high performance, structural heatshields, thanks to Zircotec’s newest heatshield, ZircoFlex® FORM. This more rigid, stainless steel heatshield combines Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection together with the strength and ability to form structures such as heatshields, boxes and bulkheads. Thanks to its ability to solve multiple heat issues, including both radiant and conductive heat sources with gold and black surface treatments, ZircoFlex® FORM delivers a compelling mix of strength, weight, and structure with heat resistance.

In addition to the heat benefits, initial testing suggests that FORM can also provide acoustic damping, ideal for both longer touring drivers and endurance racers.

•Temperature reductions of up to 88% (when used as an offset heatshield)

•Tested to 900°C (hot side temperature)

•Core of embossed (type304) stainless steel sandwiched between two layers of Zircotec's proprietary ThermoHold® based ceramic thermal barrier material.

•Product Thickness - 1.6mm (+/- 0.2mm)

•Product Weight - 2.9kg/m²

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Is this self adhesive? Can i use this on a plastic fuel tank?


Thanks for your question. Our ZircoFlex FORM material is not Self-Adhesive. ZircoFlex III heatshield does come in a self-adhesive format and should be suitable for your application. Please see the following link for more information


Fast Fox Team  

Hello Can I use this for engine bay isolation? Do I need additional tape to fix it? If yes, should it be fixed only on the borders or everywhere? Do you send also to Switzerland? Wich items i should use for exhaust system isolation? Many thanks Sincerely Massimo


Thank you for your enquiry. ZircoFlex Form is a ferfect solution for an offset heatsheild for engine bay isolation. It can be shaped by hand and fixed into place using rivets or stainless steel straps straps. We do ship to Switzerland.

Best regards

Fast Fox Team

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