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ZircoFlex Heat Shields

ZircoFlex Heat Shields

ZircoFlex® is a revolutionary flexible ceramic heat shield material. It offers superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness. Extremely thin and lightweight it is easily shaped and bent without damage. Available in three thicknesses providing progressively greater protection. Available as a self-adhesive option in each thickness. 

Originally developed for the motorsport market, Zircotec’s hybrid heatshield material, ZircoFlex® FORM is now widely available in four convenient sizes. This more rigid, stainless steel hybrid heatshield combines Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection together with the strength and ability to form structures such as heatshields, boxes and bulkheads.

ZircoFlex I ZircoFlex I
ZircoFlex II ZircoFlex II
ZircoFlex III ZircoFlex III
ZircoFlex Form ZircoFlex Form